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We are Grace Group Botanical engaged in supplying raw materials kratom (mitragyna speciosa). We are based in Pontianak, West Kalimantan (Kalimantan Island) Indonesia. Our company has been in operation since 2013.At that time we are not the only supplier and to date.However we remain on our goals despite many other kratom suppliers.

Grace Group Botanical is focused only as a local supplier as well as direct export to overseas such as exports to USA, CA, Netherlands, EUROPE and some other countries which enable accept kratom. Kratom that we export is crushed raw material crushed leaves and kratom powder by OCEAN, AIR FREIGHT, USPS and others safe alternative delivery.
Grace Group botanical used the kratom leaf to processed (mitragyna speciosa) from selected leaf(kratom old leaf) and processed according to standard where all 100% natural raw materials without chemical or synthetic mixture are picked from kratom tree in various areas in various tropical rain forest on Borneo island but have best leaf quality and proccessing (picking, drying, milling, packaging, and shipment) and handled by qualified people in the field so our customers are satisfied with the results.

As for the processing of raw materials for processing crumbs into flour Grace Group Botanical using a standard machine with stainless steel to maintain the cleanliness of kratom starch and stored in airtight so that the quality is maintained and clean.
In principle, we Grace Group Botanical offers you pure forest products without mixtures of preservatives and other chemicals to provide a healthier and better life.


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For delivery we use USPS (EE, CP) as our focus in shipping (depending on destination). We also ship through DHL and Ups delivery agents to selected destinations (depending on destination area / country if available) and cost according to the destination area. Our shipping document uses standard shipping documents.For more questions informations about shipping ,please contact us. We will ship the goods only on request from buyer after buyer finish all payment. If the package received by the buyer does not match with the order already ordered then we will replace it and the shipping cost will be charged to the buyer. For packagaes complain that are not in accordance with the purchase We ask for packages complain must be included evidence of complained.


We accepted payment thru WIRE BANK TRANSFER and MONEYGRAM. For Moneygram and Bank Transfer details, please contact me first at admin@gracegroupbotanical.com


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